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Work on Something Big

Challenging problems across domains, great people, and huge impact. What else could you want in a job? Will you join us?

Our Values


Whether you’re psyched about digital pathology, an amazing UX, or the quality of code you write, no one’s phoning it in; and we’re always working to be better.


We are innovators. We experiment, tinker, and aren’t afraid to break things in service of creating something amazing.

Trust & Autonomy

Set your hours, make your own agenda, choose your own tools. We know we can count on everyone, every day… except, y'know, weekends, holidays, & generous PTO days.


We’re constantly collecting feedback from our team in an effort to create a work environment that supports them in every way possible.


We have honest and open talks about the financial state of the company, successes and opportunities for improvement.


Everything we do is cross-disciplinary, and we're a company built on great communicators and team players. Two of us wrote this blurb. 🖐🎤

Product Development


The Engineering team at PathAI works through thorny challenges involving multi-gigabyte images, rich data, and delivering real-time insights to ensure access to the keen insights PathAI can deliver.

The work is challenging and motivating — I always know there's something interesting ahead of me as I start the day.

Open Product Engineering Positions

    Product & Design

    Product managers and product designers bring the promise of PathAI to life. Leveraging everything from field research to rich design libraries to a modern front-end stack, our Product team charts the path to our platform's future.

    We get to work with talented people on thorny challenges to make real and measurable advances in health.

    Open Product Positions

      Machine Learning

      Work with a world-class team of deep learning and computer vision experts as the team moves the state of the art forward by leaps and bounds, making the innovation happening at PathAI possible.

      I'm drawn to my work at PathAI because I'm able to apply state-of-art ML techniques to improve cancer diagnosis... and I get to be part of a company that can help saving millions of lives.

      Open Machine Learning Positions


        From finance to facilities to IT, our operations team is essential to ensuring PathAI can help develop a healthier world. Work alongside experienced professionals with diverse perspectives who care deeply about their work and our common mission.

        I've never been as excited to come to work every morning as I am here and I take great pride knowing I get to be a part of something so impactful.

        Open Operations Positions

          What we do

          We’re changing the way the world does pathology