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Leading anatomic pathology institutions across academic medical centers, reference laboratories, health systems, and biopharma use AISightTM as an image management solution

Image Management System

Powering the next generation of digital pathology labs

AISight1 is a cloud-native intelligent enterprise workflow solution used by the world's leading laboratories and research centers to power their digital pathology workflows and AI applications. It serves as a central hub for case management, image management, and best-in-class artificial intelligence tools to enable multiple histopathology use cases.

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Pathologist on AISight



Flexible scanner-agnostic workflow interoperable with most major laboratory information systems (LIS) and scanners (Hamamatsu, Leica, Roche, Philips)


Browser accessible plus cloud-based image and data storage for rapid activation and scale without the need of additional infrastructure investment

Customizable and Configurable

Flexible workflow to support multiple use cases, with advanced user settings and privileges

Open AI Environment

Integrated PathAI and 3rd-party algorithms to maximize AI deployments across multiple pathologist specialities

Pathologist Centric

Built-in image analysis and collaboration tools for an intuitive and practical user experience

Secure and Private

ISO 27001 certified and follows industry-recognized security and privacy frameworks

LIS Integration

AI digital pathology built around your LIS workflow

AISight Link powers AISight's IMS integration with laboratory information systems (LIS) to augment your existing digital pathology workflow with minimal disruption or additional infrastructure.



Institutions across academic medical centers, reference labs, health systems, and independent pathology labs


AI products accessible for deployment across oncology, NASH, and IBD indications


Slides analyzed since our launch of AISight in Q4 2022

AI Products

PathAI offers a suite of > 20 AI algorithms1 to power pathologist decision making while optimizing and offering comprehensive end-to-end AI digital pathology workflows.

Biomarker Quantification

AI-powered, reproducible biomarker and disease severity assessment
  • NSCLC (Agilent Dako 28-8 and 22C3; Roche Ventana SP142 and SP263)
  • HNSCC (Dako 28-8)
  • Melanoma (Dako 28-8)
  • Urothelial (Dako 28-8)
  • Breast (4B5 and HercepTestTM)
Learn More

Disease Severity

Accurate and precise assessment and measurement of disease severity
  • Liver (H&E + Trichrome)
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  • Ulcerative Colitis (Geboes/Nancy/Robarts H&E)

Tumor Cellularity Quantification

Automated, whole-slide level assessment of tumor cellularity, or tumor fraction
AIM-TumorCellularity (AIM-TC)

Key results:
  • Total Tissue Area
  • Total Tumor Area
  • Percent Tumor Nuclei
Available for Early Access Program Partners.
Please contact us to learn more.

Quality Control

Automated, instant detection of non-evaluable slides for re-scanning or re-staining
ArtifactDetect & Automated Digital Slide QC
  • H&E
  • IHC
  • Trichrome
Available for AISight customers. Please contact us to learn more.

Molecular Prediction Algorithms

Biomarker identification from H&E WSI to accelerate and expand clinical trial enrollment
  • MET Dysregulation (NSCLC)
  • NTRK (Thyroid)
In development. Please contact us to learn more.

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1 AISight and PathAI Algorithms (including AIM-PD-L1, AIM-HER2, AIM-NASH, AIM-HI, AIM-TumorCellularity, ArtifactDetect) are For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.