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PathAI Announces Commercial Availability of AISight™ Digital Pathology Image Management System to Power the Next Generation of Pathology Labs

AISight IMS will enable pathology labs to be at the forefront of emerging and state-of-the-art digital technologies and workflows 

BOSTON — August 17, 2023 — PathAI, a global leader in AI-powered pathology, today announced the commercial launch of its AISightTM digital pathology image management system (IMS) for anatomic pathology laboratories.1 The launch comes at a time when the pathology space is increasingly transitioning to digitally-enabled reads and recognizing the utility of AI and machine learning to enhance quality control, standardize diagnoses, and quantitate biomarkers.  

AISight is a cloud-based platform that enables efficient, end-to-end digital pathology workflows. AISight provides best-in-class image and case management, ingestion, and viewing while seamlessly enabling access and deployment of AI applications. AISight can also be integrated bidirectionally with laboratory information systems for streamlined workflow adoption. Anatomic pathology laboratories of all sizes and specialties – including health systems, reference laboratories, independent pathology labs, and academic medical centers – may utilize AISight.1 

“We are thrilled to make the AISight Image Management System available to labs globally. We’ve been honing this platform with input from hundreds of pathologists from dozens of institutions, and this launch underpins all of the work PathAI does to support pathologists, biopharma partners, and the academic research community,” said Dr. Andy Beck, M.D. Ph.D., chief executive officer and co-founder of PathAI. “Expanding the feature set to support pathology workflows as an IMS for anatomic pathologist laboratories is a natural progression for PathAI as we strive to meet our mission of improving patient outcomes with AI-powered pathology.”  

This announcement builds on prior progress as PathAI’s solutions increasingly support digital pathology workflows. In March of this year, PathAI announced the Early Access Program for AISight, and the 12 leading anatomic pathology laboratories that began trialing the platform. Subsequently, PathAI announced the availability of its first 5 algorithm products through the platform including AIM-PD-L1 algorithms across 4 indications, and the AIM-HER2 Breast Cancer algorithm.2 In addition to AISight for research use, PathAI also has a regulated platform, AISight™ Dx, that has 510(k) clearance for primary digital diagnosis in the US and is CE-marked in the EU.  

“We have been overwhelmed with the positive feedback from pathologists, lab directors, operators, and administrators who have trialed AISight and we’re excited to make it available at scale,” said Eric Walk, M.D., F.C.A.P., chief medical officer at PathAI. “AISight provides a one-stop shop for digital pathology case management that is flexible for multiple use cases given its interoperability and configurability. We will continue iterating on new and improved features as we listen to our users and release updates as they become available.” 

To learn more about AISight IMS, register for our upcoming webinar, visit our website, or meet with our team at upcoming conferences including ECP, CAP, and PathVisions.  


1 AISight™ is for research use only. Not for clinical use in diagnostic procedures.  

2 AIM-PD-L1™ and AIM-HER2™are research use only. Not for clinical use in diagnostic procedures.  

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