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What we do

We work to improve people's lives,
one diagnosis at a time.

Millions suffer from disease every day.

PathAI is developing cutting-edge technology that promises to better diagnose—and treat—some of today's most challenging diseases.

Read on to learn how.


Elise is a 40-year-old mother who, one day, discovers a lump on her breast. Her clinician takes a tissue sample and sends it to a pathologist.

The Pathologist’s Role

Upon reviewing Elise’s tissue sample, her pathologist will essentially define her future with their diagnosis, determining whether or not she has cancer.

A pathologist's job is hard to do.

Imagine viewing a satellite photo of Boston and trying to find blue cars.

Pathologists do this with tissue from hundreds of patients every day, looking for cancerous cells in each.

The PathAI Solution

PathAI is developing technology that assists pathologists in making rapid and accurate diagnoses for every patient, every time. That way patients like Elise can receive the best possible treatment and live the best possble life.

PathAI is also building solutions to help identify patients that benefit from novel therapies, to make scalable personalized medicine a reality.

We hope to share this technology globally, allowing those in developing areas to receive accurate medical information and treatment.

Work on Something Big

We believe there are very few things that can change medicine and healthcare as quickly as the work we’re doing, and we want talented people to join us to help do it faster and better.

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