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Urologists have entrusted our specialty trained uropathologists to provide the highest quality diagnoses since 2002. We offer a comprehensive test menu and strive to deliver the broadest range of services and latest technology to meet the needs of our clients.

We are shaping the future of patient care through technology-powered diagnostics

Innovation in Service

  • Online reporting and EMR integration
  • Digital pathology
  • Business models
  • Urine Pathogen Panel
  • Comprehensive menu of immunohistochemistry (IHC) & special stains

Expertise with Subspecialties

  • In-house second opinion and consensus review on all complex cases
  • Over 75 years of combined experience in uropathology
  • Direct access to diagnosing pathologist

Accelerated Turnaround Times

  • Unique proximity to FedEx World Headquarters allows for early morning deliveries and a head start on processing cases
  • 8-stage data capture provides case visualization and real-time monitoring to enable workflow efficiency and ensure quick turnaround time for thousands of cases each day

Extensive Payer Network

  • In-network status with all major payers plus over 250 commercial payer organizations
  • Covering more than 260 million patient lives in the U.S.

The Bostwick Difference


Years in diagnostic genitourinary pathology


Board-certified, subspecialty trained pathologists


Of cases are resulted within 72 hours


Minutes from FedEx World Headquarters and major hub

Our Expert Pathologists

Online Reporting and EMR Integration

PathAI Diagnostics offers connectivity solutions to streamline your ordering and reporting needs including secure web-based reporting platform and bi-directional interfaces with many EMR companies. Interfacing our laboratory information system with clients’ electronic medical records systems streamlines the ordering process and allows laboratory results to sync directly with patients’ electronic records.

For clients that prefer alternative report delivery, auto-print, email and fax is available.
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Digital Pathology

PathAI Diagnostics utilizes digital pathology for enhancing workflow related to TechDx an in-office pathology service for your practice. Whole slide images are available in the viewer within 24-48 hours where your in-office pathologist can view, order necessary stains and create a report all in one system. The provided slide image viewer and lab information system has built in ability to link ICD-10 codes within your pathology reports to help your practice bill payers for your pathology services.
Physician review digital pathology image

Urine Pathogen Panel

For patients with recurrent or persistent urinary tract infections or culture-negative prostatitis.

Our Urine Pathogen Panel utilizes polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to detect 17 pathogenic bacteria and fungal species associated with infections of the urinary tract. We also provide antibiotic resistant gene detection, which detects up to 36 genes across 10 drug classes, as well as confirmatory culture and susceptibility to help guide antibiotic selection and assist with antimicrobial stewardship.

Visit our test menu for more details.
Urine Pathogen Panel
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Professional Diagnostic Services

You prepare the slides. We provide the diagnosis.

Our experienced team can support you in establishing a histology lab to process your specimens and create slides. One of our fellowship-trained pathologists interprets the slides and generates the report, which can be interfaced with your EMR. Your practice bills the technical component and we bill the professional component¹.

Technical Diagnostic Services

We prepare the slides. You provide the diagnosis.

Our experienced histology technicians process your specimens and create the slides. Your pathologist interprets the slides, or digital images, and generates the report, which can be interfaced with your EMR. We bill the technical component and your practice bills the professional component¹.

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¹Subject to any clients' insurance company agreements and all applicable laws and regulations.