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PathAI Earns ISO 27001 Security Certification

Boston, Massachusetts – PathAI announced today that it received ISO 27001 certification, one of the highest internationally-recognized standards for information security management systems. With this certification, PathAI becomes the first company of its kind to achieve this level of validation of its security, privacy, and data protection practices. It also underlines its commitment to raising the bar for security in its products, which support pathologists and researchers in their efforts to detect, understand, and treat diseases like cancer.

PathAI’s Senior Vice President of Product & Design, M. Jackson Wilkinson, whose team led the development of the company’s information security management system, put the certification into context. “Providing this level of accountability shows customers what they can expect from our privacy and security practices,” he said. “We chose to pursue ISO 27001 not because it’s required, but because we take this responsibility very seriously and will continue to push ourselves and the industry toward the highest standards.”

ISO 27001 is recognized globally as an international standard, and certification extends to every level of an organization’s IT infrastructure, including application security, software development, business continuity, human resources security, and more. PathAI underwent an in-depth assessment by A-LIGN, a leading accredited auditor, and confirmed that PathAI met or exceeded the standard in each of these areas.

“What I love about the system we’ve created is the shared responsibility for security and privacy here at PathAI,” said Joseph Adu, Director of Information Technology and Security Officer at PathAI. “This isn’t just a security or IT team project, but a collaborative effort across all roles company-wide, which is the best way to bake security into our corporate culture.”

“In our industry, the importance of data security cannot be overstated,” said Andy Beck, co-founder & CEO of PathAI. “This certification establishes PathAI as a leader in this critically-important area.”

The announcement comes on the heels of the successful completion of the ISO 13485 certification process, which verifies the company’s quality management system and controls. With efforts and initiatives like these, PathAI is best positioned to successfully navigate the rapidly-evolving data security landscape in the digital pathology industry.

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