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PathAI Appoints Biopharma Executive and Digital Pathology Leader Michael Montalto, Ph.D., as Chief Scientific Officer

Boston, Massachusetts – PathAI, a leading provider of AI-powered technology for advancing pathology research, announced that it has appointed translational medicine and digital pathology leader, Michael C. Montalto, PhD, as Chief Scientific Officer. Dr. Montalto joins PathAI from Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS), where he was Vice President and Head of Translational Sciences, Translational Medicine.

“We are incredibly fortunate and excited to welcome Mike onto our leadership team,” said Andrew Beck, MD, PhD, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of PathAI. “Mike brings tremendous experience developing digital pathology diagnostic products and driving cutting-edge translational research in a large biopharmaceutical setting. We are thrilled to be working with Mike at PathAI to use AI-powered pathology to support the development of new therapies and diagnostics for patients.”

In his role at BMS, Montalto led the majority of clinical biomarker central laboratories in Translational Medicine including translational and digital pathology, immunohistochemistry, clinical genomics, clinical flow cytometry, pre-clinical and clinical non-invasive imaging, biorepository and clinical biomarker sample operations in support of all therapeutic areas for global clinical trials, precision medicine, and companion diagnostics development. Prior to BMS, Montalto was a co-founder and executive of Omnyx, LLC, a joint venture of GE Healthcare and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center that commercialized diagnostic pathology imaging and software products. Prior to this, Montalto was the Molecular Imaging and Diagnostics Advanced Technology Leader at General Electric, where he was a lead inventor of MultiOmyx™, a proprietary pathology-based multiplexing technology for biomarker discovery.

“Throughout my career, I have had a passion for advancing imaging technologies toward unmet scientific and medical needs in a commercial setting to be able to impact patients. Combining this passion with the sophisticated vision and industry leading expertise of PathAI is truly exciting,” said Montalto. “I have a unique perspective, having worked so closely with PathAI in my capacity at Bristol-Myers Squibb, and it is clear to me that they are the leaders in combining AI with pathology to impact outcomes based translational research. This will naturally extend into improved patient care in the not-so-distant future.”

Montalto has served as a member of NIH study sections for in vivo molecular imaging centers, designed and led global clinical trials for the registration of digital pathology devices and served as a board member and president of the Digital Pathology Association (DPA). Under his leadership, the DPA successfully collaborated with the FDA to establish industry wide regulatory guidance and clinical trial designs for the clinical use of digital pathology devices. He currently serves on the DPA executive committee as immediate past-president, and on the DPA Foundation’s board of directors. Dr. Montalto earned his PhD in tumor biology from Albany Medical College and received his post-doctoral training in anti-inflammatory drug discovery and whole animal physiology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School.

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