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PathAI Announces AISight Support of DICOM Standards and Commits to Being a Leader in Integrated Enterprise Image Architecture and Strategy

Adoption of DICOM® standards marks major advancement towards PathAI's vision of interoperable pathology systems.

 Boston, MA – November 16, 2023 PathAI, a leading technology company which combines AI-powered pathology solutions and algorithm deployment expertise with end-to-end central pathology and histology services, today announced AISightTM supports rendering DICOM® Visible Light (VL) Whole Slide Microscopy Image files. AISight is a state-of-the-art, interoperable, intelligent case and image management system to assist pathologists in the review of digitized whole slide images (WSIs) with a comprehensive menu of fully embedded AI solutions. The incorporation of modern digital pathology into the DICOM standard was finalized in 2010, allowing organizations to integrate digital pathology into their existing IT systems, providing vendor flexibility, and enabling integrated storage with other imaging modalities (e.g., radiology) in vendor neutral archives (VNAs). DICOM support is a major advancement towards enabling PathAI’s vision of interoperable pathology systems that fit seamlessly into providers current or future enterprise image architecture and strategy.

“We’ve been collaborating with many large academic medical centers and health systems over the last year to provide consultative support on digitalization of pathology workflows. In these discussions, one thing is clear. Chief information officers (CIOs) and enterprise imaging architects are pushing for vendors to adopt DICOM to drive imaging interoperability,” said Don O’Neill, SVP of Engineering and IT at PathAI. “PathAI is committed to doing just that and being able to render DICOM image files is the first step in that direction.”

As part of its investment into DICOM, PathAI is making a commitment to interoperability and providing solutions that integrate with organizations’ enterprise image management and archive strategy, including through VNAs. PathAI will also launch its DICOMweb API in its next release, which will enable AISight to receive DICOM images from external applications, push images back to VNAs leveraging customer’s DICOMweb API, utilize the DICOM file to supplement or validate image/case data, and enable prefetch to pull historical cases/studies directly from image archives.

“By investing into interoperability with enterprise image archives, we’re demonstrating to our customers that we are strategically positioned to provide long term value. No matter where a customer is in the imaging journey, we can help them,” said Andy Beck, MD, PhD, co-founder and chief executive officer of PathAI.

To learn more visit or meet with our team at upcoming conference including Digital Pathology & AI Congress Europe, London (Booth #30, December 7-8).

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PathAI is the only AI-focused technology company to provide comprehensive precision pathology solutions from wet lab services to algorithm deployment for clinical trials and diagnostic use. Rigorously trained and validated with data from more than 15 million annotations, its AI-powered models can be leveraged to optimize the analysis of tissue samples to improve efficiency and accuracy of pathology interpretation, as well as to better gauge therapeutic efficacy and accelerate drug development for complex diseases.

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AISight is For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures

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