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AI-based NASH Scoring

PathAI has developed AIM-NASH*, our AI-based measurement (AIM) tool that provides Clinical Research Network (CRN) NAFLD Activity Score (NAS) component grades and fibrosis stages with pathologist review, enabling accurate and efficient participant selection and endpoint analysis.

Achieve reproducible histologic assessment

AIM-NASH assists pathologists in grading and staging key histologic features of NASH to reduce the impact of scoring variability in NASH clinical trials & research.

Characterize within-biopsy heterogeneity not captured by ordinal scoring

AI-based continuous scoring of NASH histologic features can reveal smaller degrees of change which can lead to improved precision medicine strategies.

End-to-End NASH clinical trial services

Complete histopathology services to support AI in clinical trials. 8 NASH clinical trials are implementing PathAI lab services and AIM-NASH.​

Transforming NASH Clinical Trials

Watch this video to learn how AI-powered pathology can support NASH trial success

Applications & Case Studies

NASH drug developers are utilizing AIM-NASH to de-risk their clinical trials

Reduce impact of inter-observer variability
Concordance between AIM-NASH ordinal scores and manual consensus scores is greater than mean inter-pathologist concordance across all NASH CRN scoring components.

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Meet clinical trial endpoints
Significantly greater number of primary endpoint responders is detected in treated vs. placebo arms by AIM-NASH but not manual scoring in Ph2 study of Pegbelfermin (PGBF).

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Measure drug activity and identify optimal dosage
Significantly greater number of primary endpoint responders is detected in treated vs. placebo arms by AIM-NASH but not manual AIM-NASH detected dose-dependent treatment response in Ph2 study, in addition a statistically significant difference in proportion of subjects achieving endpoints.

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Trials & Lab Services

Pretrial Services
PathAI partners with you to develop the pathology strategy and charter customized to the goals of your trial.

Sample Processing & Digitization
Industry leading turnaround time from sample receipt through scanning. Multiple scanner types available for maximum flexibility.

AI & Image Analysis
AIM-NASH algorithm is deployed with pathologist review, providing accuracy and reproducibility.

Post-Trial Services
PathAI can support everything from data reconciliation to data storage, and can ship or store specimens based on customer preference.
*AIM-NASH is authorized for research use only. Not approved for diagnostic use.

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