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Advancing precision medicine for NASH with quantitative, cellular-level characterization of NASH tissue and fibrosis microarchitecture

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NASH Explore is an AI-powered panel of >500 quantitative human interpretable features (HIFs) that spatially characterize NASH tissue biopsy microarchitecture from H&E whole slide images.1

Icon for Tissue and Cell Classification

Tissue and cell classification

Automated detection and AI heatmaps visualizing >20 tissue regions and >10 cell types

H&E fibrosis detection & Subtyping Icon

H&E fibrosis detection & subtyping

AI-powered identification of collagen/fibrosis tissue - directly on H&E image without additional slide scanning

HIF Panel Icon

HIF Panel

>500 curated HIFs for rapid, scalable, and standardized quantification of the entire tissue

Human Interpretable Features (HIFs) are metrics that capture areas, counts, densities, and proximities of cell types within each tissue region to enable spatial analyses

Fibrosis Subtyping

  • Portal fibrosis
  • Periportal fibrosis
  • Perivenular fibrosis
  • Perisinusoidal fibrosis
  • Incomplete septal fibrosis
  • Complete septal fibrosis
  • Nodular fibrosis
NASH fibrosis cells


  • Portal tract
  • Central vein
  • Zone 1
  • Zone 2
  • Zone 3
NASH Landmark cells

Cell Type & Tissue Region Classification

  • Immune cells
  • Normal hepatocytes
  • Ballooned hepatocytes
  • Steatotic hepatocytes
  • Bile ducts
  • Blood vessels
  • Portal inflammation
  • Interface hepatitis
  • Lobular inflammation
Magnified view of NASH Explore tissue and fibrosis subtype overlay

Product Profile

  • Indications: Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis
  • Intended Use: Research Use Only
  • Stain Type: H&E
  • Scanners: Leica Aperio® AT2
  • Outputs: Panel (.csv) for >500 quantitative Human Interpretable Features (HIFs); Heatmap classification of tissue, cells, fibrosis subtypes and liver landmarks.
NASH Explore may be compatible with other liver indications and scanners. Please contact us for more information.

Unlocking novel insights for the future of NASH drug development


Quantification of established histologic biomarkers of NASH (e.g., patterns of fibrosis, counts of ballooned hepatocytes)


Novel histological biomarkers and drivers of therapeutic efficacy


Comprehensive supporting evidence for regulatory submission


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1NASH Explore is research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.