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Discovery & Translational Research

At PathAI, we create algorithms of the highest quality with fast turnaround. And we don’t just create algorithms. We develop digital pathology and analytical strategies built specifically for a partner’s biomarker program to maximize the insights and impact of data generated by our algorithms.

Algorithms and Predictive Analytics

Using our access to millions of slides and our proprietary network of pathologists, we build, train, and validate artificial intelligence models for quantitative, accurate, and scalable predictive analytics. See below for examples of our recent tissue analytics and algorithm development.

Multiplex Services

Perform advanced spatial modeling on multiplex chromogenic or immunofluorescent images to identify novel and predictive signatures that may impact outcomes.

● Develop assays and generate images for multiplex IHC, IF, or FISH through PathAI’s in-house histopathology lab or our partnership with Akoya Biosciences

● Partner with our machine learning and biomedical data scientists to create custom analytical and modeling strategies, including use of our interpretable GNN (graph-neural network) models that capture, characterize, and visualize spatial patterns and relationships

Our Discovery and Translational Services By the Numbers


algorithms  developed for biopharma partners


human interpretable features available for algorithm deployment and analysis across many indications


external pathologists in our proprietary pathology network
Some modification or customization may be required and will be determined by PathAI in collaboration with partner.

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