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PathAI Diagnostics is a leading laboratory services company based in Memphis, TN, serving a nationwide client base of gastroenterologists, dermatologists, oncologists, urologists and gynecologists. As part of PathAI, our expertise enables us to provide end-to-end capabilities to improve patient outcomes by merging AI-powered pathology and diagnostic products. We continue to invest in technology and digitizing the laboratory workflow to deliver industry leading turnaround time and leverage PathAI’s AI-driven image analysis and algorithms.
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Laboratory Research & Clinical Studies

PathAI Diagnostics is a global provider of research and study services for a variety of organizations including medical device manufacturers, in-vitro diagnostic assay developers, contract research organizations, and academic medical centers. Our on-site staff of GCP-certified scientists and technologists offer rapid implementation and on-time project completion. Additionally, our repository of residual biospecimens and network of clinical partnerships may support both early-stage tissue research and later-stage trial enrollment.
Lab Diagnostic Research and Clinical Studies

Digital Pathology Solutions


AISight is PathAI's precision-pathology platform,* used by leading academic medical centers, reference labs, health systems, and independent pathology labs. AISight is designed to be a standalone cloud-based viewer that can live side-by-side with existing manual and digital pathology workflows and can be deployed quickly in a lab for immediate use. PathAI can also work with laboratories to integrate AISight into the existing digital pathology workflow with laboratory information systems, image management systems, and picture archiving and communication systems (PACS).
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AI-Powered Algorithms

PathAI is dedicated to developing new machine learning algorithms that will be able to assist pathologists in their day-to-day case review and workflow. We envision that these algorithms will be able to increase efficiency, improve diagnostic accuracy, and help improve patient outcomes.
Available Algorithms:

PathAI has developed and validated a multi-clone algorithm for quantification of PD-L1 positive and negative tumor cells and immune cells in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) as well as the visualization of regions of artifact, cancer epithelium, cancer stroma, and necrosis.

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*AISight and AIM-PD-L1-NSCLC are intended for research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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