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Clinical Development

At PathAI, we commit to your entire biomarker and clinical development program and take AI-powered algorithms through clinical trials, and diagnostic deployment and distribution.

Our Products

RUO/IUO Algorithms

Deploy clinical-trial ready AI-powered algorithms for more accurate and reproducible participant selection and endpoint assessment to support technical and regulatory success.

● AIM-PD-L1-NSCLC: More accurate tumor proportion scoring, especially at low expression cut points; compatible with all four PD-L1 clones (22C3, 28-8, SP142, and SP263)

AIM-NASH: automated and reproducible NASH-CRN scoring

● AIM-UColitis: automated and reproducible Geboes scoring and sub-category scoring for ulcerative colitis

AISight for Clinical Development

Deploy PathAI algorithms on our web-based digital slide viewer that is integrated into both our own lab and partnered CROs/central labs for global trial utilization.
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Our Services

Deployment of Precision Pathology Algorithms in Prospective Clinical Trials
• As drug development tools for trial enrollment, stratification, and/or primary endpoint assessment
• As secondary endpoints for supportive claims development and regulatory submission
• As exploratory endpoints for cut-point and/or dose optimization

CAP/CLIA Anatomic and Digital Pathology Lab Operations and Workflow
As a central pathology lab for clinical trials, we work with your CRO and clinical operations team to deploy AI algorithms compliantly, efficiently, and effectively

• Protocol design and pathology charter - our clinical operations team develop and execute clinical trial pathology charters with a focus on AI deployment in pathology workflows

• Complete anatomical and digital pathology operations—from sample receipt and processing to staining, scanning, and scoring, our ability to control the full pathology workflow and quality management system allows us to operate rapidly, reliably, and accurately
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Customization Across a Full Digital Pathology Workflow

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