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Immunohistochemistry (IHC) · Dermatology
Z0311 labels glial cells in the brain and ependymal cells. Moreover, Schwann's cells of the peripheral nervous system are positive. Among tumors of the human central and peripheral nervous system, a positive reaction is seen in schwannomas, ependydomas as well as in different grades of astrogliomas, also including glioblastomas. A large proportion of cells in human tumors originating from different salivary glands are stainable with anti-S100. S100 is present in almost all human benign and malignant melanocytic tumors of the skin and in metastases of human malignant melanomas. The antibody is a useful tool for the classification of S100-positive neoplasms. It is mandatory that antibodies to S100 are used together with a panel of other antibodies.