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Antibiotic Resistance Gene Panel - Urine

Molecular · Urology
The assay detects up to 36 genes associated with antimicrobial resistance across 10 drug classes as a reflex for the MicroPathID Urine Pathogen Panel (UPP Test). The assay detects ACC, ACT/MIR, FOX, CTX-M-1, CTX-M-9, CTX-M-8/25, SHV, TEM E102K, TEM R162S, TEM G238S, TEM237K, IMP-1, IMP-2, KPC, NDM, OXA-48, VIM, QnrA, QnrB, QnrS/Qnr-S1, Gyrase A D87N_GTT, Gyrase A S83L_TGG, ErmA, ErmB, ErmC, mecA, TetD, TetM, DFR, SULL, Van A1, VanA2, VanB.