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Robust AI-powered products for pathology assessment across research and clinical development pipeline


AIM-HER2 Breast Cancer
Automated HER2 scoring with heat map visualization of areas driving scoring prediction. Compatible with multiple scanners. Available for biopharma and lab research use.

Detect and quantify PD-L1+ tumor and immune cells. Compatible with all four PD-L1 IHC clones and multiple scanners. Available for biopharma and lab research use.


Automated, reproducible, and analytically and clinically validated AI-derived ordinal and continuous NASH Clinical Research Network NAFLD activity score component grades and fibrosis stage, available today for research use and undergoing regulatory qualification for clinical trial use.
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NASH Explore
Automated, reproducible, and interpretable AI-derived quantitative histologic features of NASH, available today for research use.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

AIM-HI Ulcerative Colitis
Automated and reproducible Geboes scoring, sub-category scoring, and conversion to Robarts and Nancy scoring for ulcerative colitis.

Key components of the AI product development & deployment process to ensure highest quality


Breadth (orthogonal data) and depth (multiple scanners, stains, indications, lab sources) to minimize bias and errors while maximizing predictive utility


Optimal machine learning architecture based on data access and analytical goals (i.e. End-to-end, spatial models)


Performance evaluation for required application based on context of use (i.e. research use vs. prospective trials vs. diagnostic use)

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