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Nick Brown

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Nick Brown serves as Chief Growth Officer, where he oversees PathAI's Digital Diagnostic division and Strategic Partnerships group. Nick has been with PathAI for three years, serving across a number of roles including Chief Commercial Officer for Biopharma and VP of Commercial and Strategy. During his time here, he has cultivated a valuable network of data partnerships to accelerate product development, and distribution partnerships to deploy clinical development service capabilities in all of the major central histopathology labs. Nick also launched the commercialization of PathAI’s digital pathology viewing platform, AISightTM, and research algorithms to the diagnostic lab market, both directly and via channel partnerships.

Prior to joining PathAI, Nick spent four years at Flatiron Health, a leading health-tech company developing oncology data for drug development, which was acquired by the Roche Group in 2018. At Flatiron, Nick was Head of International Business. He led the company’s largest growth initiative to expand into three international markets and oversaw all partnership activities, commercial negotiations, and customer discussions. He also supported strategic partnerships including Flatiron’s research collaboration with the US Food and Drug Administration and National Cancer Institute. Prior to Flatiron, Nick advised global biopharmaceutical and other healthcare clients as an Engagement Manager at McKinsey and Company.

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