About PathAI

Our mission is improving patient outcomes with AI-powered pathology.

​​PathAI is the leading provider of AI-powered technology tools and services for pathology. Our platform was built to enable substantial improvements to the accuracy of diagnosis and the measurement of therapeutic efficacy for complex diseases, leveraging modern approaches in machine learning.

PathAI Driving Precision Medicine Forward

By partnering with biopharma and clinical stakeholders alike, we leverage the power of our proprietary AI and digital pathology tools to accelerate and improve precision medicine. Our technology fuels biopharma initiatives from translational research through in vitro diagnostic device development. In the clinical setting, our technology aims to deliver faster, more accurate diagnoses and better personalized treatment plans for each patient.

The Need for AI-powered Pathology in Precision Medicine

Traditional manual pathology is prone to subjectivity and observer variability that can negatively affect diagnoses and drug trials. PathAI’s technology aims to minimize subjectivity that can result in high error rates.


AI-based pathology can produce more accurate results, reducing the subjectivity that can result in significant error rates.


AI and Image Analysis can improve the reproducibility of pathological diagnoses.


​AI-based pathology can precisely predict response to new therapies.

Meet the PathAI team

The PathAI team, comprised of diverse employees with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences, is passionate about solving big challenges in healthcare and building cutting edge technology to improve patient outcomes.

PathAI Milestones


PathAI Founded

Founded in 2016, our Co-Founders identified the need for technology applied to pathology to reduce error rates, increase accuracy and reproducibility.


Launched AI Powered Pathology Platform

PathAI partnered with top pharma companies to enhance drug development.


PathAI secured $165M series C funding

In 2021, PathAI raised $165 million in Series C funding. This latest round fueled PathAI’s commercial reach in diagnostics and research and development capabilities.


Expanded into clinical diagnostics

In 2021, PathAI entered clinical diagnostics through the acquisition of Poplar, the management service organization for Poplar Healthcare PLLC, an industry-leading independent anatomic pathology laboratory services provider.



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